Chet Raymo 2


Happy Birthday Chet.

One of my fellow bloggers with a regular supply of inspired insights to embracing failure and so many other topics.

His post ‘Packing Light’ shares both his extensive lifetime of experience as well as his latest embrace of the failure to do ‘somthin’…

  • “Twenty books, a thousand Boston Globe essays, a hundred magazine or journal essays and book reviews, and it’s all over. I’ve squeezed the last crafty words out of my brain, or at least the last that anyone is willing to pay for. It was a good ride, but it required more energy and discipline than I’m now able to muster. ‘What are you writin’?’ ‘Nuthin’.’ The older I get the more I become enamored of "nuthin’." A ripping good yarn may take a thousand pages, but that’s too heavy a load to carry these last few miles. If I can’t say it in 300 words it’s probably not worth saying.”