Talk Like a Pirate Day


Shiver me timbers maties!

Happy annual ‘Talk Like a Pirate Day’ today. Itself a celebration of scallywags, scoundrel, buccaneers, and other mythical maritime misfits who have embraced failure to live a life of adventure and swashbuckling on the high seas. It is curious how such characters, which epitomise the embrace of failure to social norms and rules have so long captured the public imagination.

And if you want to join in the fun today, you will have to embrace a bit of failure too in how you speak. Time has a delightful piece ‘Arrrggg You Serious? How to Truly Talk Like a Pirate’ which includes the following sage advice…

  • Don’t be afraid to slur your words. One truth about pirates, Hanna says, is that they were often deep in their cups, though that wasn’t necessarily because pirates just loved the taste of rum in their tum. Once anti-piracy laws in the late 1600s made it harder for them to spend their plunder and settle down on the mainland, the life became less appealing, he says—and the prospect of getting all you can drink was used to lure new recruits onboard.”

The article also features a superb montage of pirate scenes though the years.

Avast ye bilge-sucking sea dogs!