Simon Cohen

The wound is the place where the Light enters you” – Muslim mystic Rumi

P.INK heals the emotional wound as creatively as it adorns it. Simon Cohen’s Pause for Thought a few weeks ago reminds us that these scars on the psyche can be as inspiring as they as painful…

  • “The human body’s capacity to heal. But it got me thinking, what about emotional wounds? We all walk around with them, whether they’re from losing someone close, suffering some kind of abuse or trauma. Even after years, the wounds are still open, the pain is still there, still raw…’ But that light can only enter us if we first acknowledge we are wounded. With physical injury it’s easier to do this, but because emotional wounds are not visible, and they’re not really talked about in a stiff-upper-lip society, they’re simpler to ignore. So, we hide them away in the corners of our subconscious, or pretend we don’t see them in those around us. We put sticky plasters on emotional wounds, and they fail to heal. When we recognize our own and each other’s emotional wounds, and find the courage to talk about them, we make them visible, and start the healing process. In time, the pain will subside, the wound will close, and scars begin to form. For those who feel physically or emotionally wounded, it might help to think of these scars not as reminders of past suffering, but as symbols of hope and our capacity to heal; that no matter how dark life feels, if we have the courage to face our pain, we can begin to let the light in.”