Mica and Myla Hnedricks 1


Artistic failing can be embraced quite literally as Mica Hendricks also literally illustrates with the imperfect contributions of her 4 year old daughter Myla described in the article ‘Beautiful things’: Artist mom collaborates with her 4-year-old

““I am a perfectionist to a fault. I can be quite rigid at times, so allowing her to add to my drawing was difficult for me,’ Hendricks, 39, told TODAY Moms in an email. ‘When she takes a pen and boldly draws lines all across a face I’ve drawn, my inner artist gasps and gulps and freaks the heck out.’…The process works this way: Hendricks starts by drawing a ‘vintage, retro head’ and hands over the sketchbook to her daughter, who draws a body and sometimes additional characters. Hendricks then goes back and adds highlights and details in acrylic paint, colored ballpoint pen, and marker. She will sometimes ask Myla what color a detail should be or whether a body she has added should have feathers or scales…The collaboration has offered important lessons for both mom and child…’I want her to be free to get dirty, to get messy, to make mistakes, and turn them into beautiful things,’ Hendricks said. ‘I make a point, despite my inner perfectionist, to get messy with her and loosen up with some of the things I am rigid about.’”


Mica and Myla Hendricks 2