Mike Pegg - Reactive Change Curve


  • Optimist:  Someone who figures that taking a step backward after taking a step forward is not a disaster, it’s a cha cha.” – Robert Brault

Actually, Mike Pegg’s diagram above does remind me of a ‘fan’ which is a particular set of steps in a Cha Cha Cha. So on the heels of the Strictly grand final (yes, we were rooting for Abby and Aljaz), a master class in fox-trotting through failure by Mike Pegg in his post “Managing Setbacks Successfully”…

  • Peak performers have a pattern of managing setbacks successfully. Sometimes they actually emerge stronger from such experiences. They grow wiser and more able to do great work in the future.  There are many models for developing resilience and dealing with setbacks…How to go through the curve? People who suffer a setback often need to spend time in a sanctuary. They need to lick their wounds and perhaps begin to make sense of the experience.  Different people choose different kinds of sanctuaries. They may rest, sleep, write, listen to music, see a counsellor or whatever. People begin to heal and regain their strength.  Sanctuaries are great. But there comes a time to move on, otherwise the muscles atrophy. People focus on what they can control and start shaping their future.  They set short-term goals, work hard and get a success. Feeling more confident, they take the next step in their life or work.  You will, of course, overcome setbacks in your own way. One approach is to spend time in a sanctuary, shape the future and achieve a success.”

As Sir Bruce would say, ‘Keeeeep failing.’