New Years Resolution


Once again it is that time to look at New Year’s Resolutions. Not the new ones we hope to succeed at, but the one’s we made last year…especially those that failed.

I did write down a list last January. I didn’t call them “Resolutions”, but instead “Aspirations”. They are the outcomes that I was going to be working for and hoping for (acknowledging the role that luck would inevitable contribute). The results were a bit of a mixed bag…

  • Going Well – I had aspired to have a big impact on the business division (Metadata and Content Discovery) I had taken over and by and large the plans I made and changes I targeted have largely been done with strongly positive impact. This year was also a cross-roads year for our children. We not only hoped it would work out well for them, but we also supported their efforts in whatever way we could. Our son had an especially strong start to his Sound Art and Design course and our daughter had her West End debut both of which exceeded all our expectations.
  • Going Big – One way to fail is to ‘double down’. Instead of not doing the plan A, you can choose to change course and do an even bigger plan B. That was the case with my aspiration to finally do something to our long neglected lounge. He had plotted new scones, a new sofa, new china chest, and simply any window dressings none of which materialised. By part of the failure, was a shift to an even bigger initiative. Instead of redoing our lounge, we put the whole house of the market with an eye to redo our entire property. Sometimes failure is just a step to an even bigger thing.
  • Going Down – Once again, I failed at hitting my bench-press benchmark of 300 lbs once again. In fact, I hardly did any weight training at all this year due to the schedule impacts of my added responsibilities at work. Of course, embracing failure, I had a backup plan. A plan to pursue other forms of fitness as well. My ballroom/latin dancing, basketball, snowboarding and rowing have all progressed. And different milestone achievement harkening back to my schoolboy glory days was achieved – my third decennial Tour de Stade at my 30th Harvard Reunion.