Karvel Anderson


Maybe benching 300 pounds is not the key to strength training according to Karvel Anderson in the NBC profile “What does it take to escape poverty? Ask Karvel Anderson, American success story in the making”…

  • “But here’s the strange part: Anderson was never crushed by his problems. He wasn’t consumed with blame and rage. In fact, he almost relishes the difficulty of it all. “Adversity is the best thing in life for me,” he says, slipping into the voice of the mentor he’s become to younger players. ‘I didn’t get my strength from lifting weights. I got it from lifting myself up all those times.’ With lines like that he can sound like he walked out of Tough’s book, or Michelle Obama’s new stump speech. She says attitude matters more than circumstance, and that in her own rise from relative-poverty to Princeton the doubters provided a kind of fuel, a negativity that pushed her to prove them wrong. In his words and his actions, Anderson whole-heartedly agrees and is doing the same.”