Dilbert - Agile


Both of the divisions that I manage employ Agile development methodology for their technology development. Practicing there what I preach here, at the heart of Agile development lies a steadfast embrace of failure as Paul Widel describes in this post “To Err is Human, to Accept That to Err is Human is Agile”…

  • Agility, and this is my definition, is accepting that mistakes will be made. The mistakes are then drivers that present an opportunity to change the way that a team works to accomplish their goals. To me that’s it. Take what you’re doing and regularly question and evaluate how it’s working and be willing to try alternatives. If something isn’t working, make a change and see if it works better. Iterations are conducive to agility because they embed a mechanism for reevaluation into the process. Having an iteration though doesn’t make the process agile if the process isn’t adaptable…As humans, I think we shun failure. We hate it. We hate to lose and we hate to fail. Fear of failure drives many of us to go through extraordinary efforts to perceive ourselves and to be perceived as successful. Instead of fearing failure I believe that we should embrace it. Failure can be a wonderful learning experience. The key to embracing failure is to make the failures uncostly and educational. Small failures can drive changes that add big value. Being agile is recognizing, embracing, and accepting small failures and using them as a waypoint for improvement. Celebrate your failures and use them to your advantage and you will be agile.”