Eloise Mills Metro


Married to a singer, I know the angst of losing one’s voice, but for Eloise Mills the despair of vocal failure was her salvation as reported by in the piece “Bad Singing Saves My Life

  • “Eloise, nine, suffered headaches for four years but it was only when her family noticed she had become tone deaf that the pilocytic astrocytoma was discovered. The tumour, which develops in the brain and creates a cyst around it by releasing fluids, also stopped the youngster being able to walk in a straight line or ride her bike. ‘Eloise used to have a beautiful voice when she was little but gradually it got worse and worse,’ her grandmother and guardian, Cheryl, said. ‘We just thought she was tone deaf but when she started walking in wobbly lines we knew something must be wrong.’ Eloise was taken to Queen’s Medical Centre, Nottingham where an MRI scan revealed the tumour the size of a walnut and an orange-sized cyst. After a successful three-operation, the Adele fan has not developed any further problems. ‘Since she has had the operation, she seems to be able to sing in tune,’ said Mrs Mills, of Ruddington, Nottingham. ‘You could say her bad singing saved her life.’”