Lori Isley Lynn charisma


Among her many qualities, Lori is definitely charismatic. And part of that might be due to her shared embrace of failure. According to Jeff Haden’s article “10 Habits of Remarkably Charismatic People”…

  • They readily admit their failings.  Incredibly successful people are often assumed to have charisma simply because they’re successful. Their success seems to create a halo effect, almost like a glow.  Keyword is seem.  You don’t have to be incredibly successful to be remarkably charismatic. Scratch the shiny surface, and many successful people have all the charisma of a rock.  But you do have to be incredibly genuine to be remarkably charismatic.  Be humble. Share your screwups. Admit your mistakes. Be the cautionary tale. And laugh at yourself.  While you should never laugh at other people, you should always laugh at yourself.  People won’t laugh at you. People will laugh with you.  They’ll like you better for it–and they’ll want to be around you a lot more.”