Tonight’s Grammy’s mean it’s time for the “Embracing Failure Playlist – Part 3”. This year’s edition comes courtesy of my sound and music correspondent, Chase. And the winner is…”Bomb the Music Industry!”…

“King Of Minneapolis, Pts. III And IV"

  • Despite what they say,
    I hate that life ain’t perfect.
    But fuck it, I got through today.
    I got a few more tomorrows.
    And everyday I wake and smile but by day’s end my smile subsides.
    But I guess I’ll be here a while and I’ll smile through today, ’cause last night I didn’t die

"Syke! Life Is Awesome”

  • Cause if I wasn’t a fat kid in high school, I would have never listened to punk rock.
    And if I knew how to throw a football, I would have never played any music.
    And if never got my heart broken, I would sing "blah blah fucking nothing."
    And if you didn’t fuck my ex-girlfriend, I would still owe you three-thousand dollars.
    And if I never lived in that van I wouldn’t have met Chris or Steve or Alex or James or Middagh.
    And if I never worked in a basement I would have never quit my job.
    And if I had a big emo band or dropped out of college, I would have never met you, man.