Business Brilliant Lewis Schiff


LinkedIn interviews Lewis Schiff on his new book “Why We Should All Embrace the F-Word (Failure)” (thanks again Aidan) and while the book is about succeeding in business, the focus of the interview is on the critical prescription to embrace failure…

  • “From JetBlue Airways to Pixar, Schiff points out that entire companies wouldn’t exist without failure. (Airline founder David Neeleman reportedly believed that ‘JetBlue wouldn’t exist today if he hadn’t failed so badly as a Southwest vice president’)… In Business Brilliant, Schiff distills four years of research and interviews with 800 households (including 400 self-made millionaires) into seven universal principles. Schiff clues us in on the seventh principle: ‘Nothing succeeds like failure.’The best way to overcome your fear of failure is to spend more time with people who (a) have failed, (b) talk about their failure and (c) have pushed past failure.”