Sochi rings 1


The failed snowflake might just be the most apropos emblem of the just concluded Sochi Winter Olympics. From the sunny resort venue selection to the quirky lavatory designs.

Tripp Mickle of Sports Business Daily wrote “After three weeks, I’m still not sure what to make of Sochi” talking about such oddities as the unused purple rollercoaster, ubiquitous musicians in rabbit costumes, and indoor beach volley ball at the mall…

  • “Everything was slightly delayed, and that was one of the more charming things about Sochi. I’ve been to more fun Olympics (Vancouver and London)*. I’ve attended more geopolitically significant Olympics (Beijing). But Sochi is the most memorable and unusual Olympics I’ve ever attended. I’m still not sure what to make of it. There was something fascinating about its idiosyncrasies, something surprising about its work-in-progress feel, and something amazing about its ability to avert disaster and pull off an efficient, well-run event… Who knew a work in progress could be so fun?”

The distinctive, not always intentional embrace of failure will be the signature of Sochi. From the Opening where the symbol will be the failure snowflake. Iconic enough that entrepreneurs were cashing in on the failure (see bottom – “Chinese Entrepreneurs Cash In on Sochi Rings Glitch”). All the way to the Closing Ceremonies where the quick reacting and quick witted organisers themselves embraced this primetime failure (see below).

In this world of highly choreographed, engineered, photoshopped perfectionism, the little (and big) failures are what capture our hearts and memories.


Sochi rings closing ceremony


Sochi rings 2