Tonight’s Razzies (or the “Golden Raspberry Awards”) have come a long way from their humble roots in 1981. Starting in a bedroom and now commanding their own red carpet, primetime coverage. Perhaps in the future, they will introduce awards like ‘Lifetime Achievement’. And one of the top nominees would be the 2003 epic “The Room”. Such a failure that it merited a profile in Failure Mag itself titled “The Disaster Artist”. The production is a cult favourite as perhaps the “greatest bad movie ever made”…

  • “’The Citizen Kane of bad movies’—a work so senseless and incomprehensible that you can’t help but be entertained. ‘[It’s] filled with red herrings, shots of locations that are never visited, and entire conversations comprised of non sequiturs,’ offers Sestero, attempting to describe what was intended to be a serious love-triangle melodrama, but morphed into a cult-favorite comedy.”

When my son Chase saw that I was writing this post, he became animated, “What an amazing film. It is the so bad it’s good. Watch it!”