Bret Simmons 2


This past week, my friend Dr. Bret Simmons celebrates his own blog milestone hitting his 5th anniversary (starting the same year as my MaldivesComplete blog). It remains the only Leadership blog that I subscribe to though (like my own blog here) the site has extended into adjacent topics like personal branding, customer service, and social media.

The piece “Forgive and Remember” he posted in September epitomizes our perspective kinship on both the topic of Leadership (and Management) and failure…

  • “Any one that needs to know about innovation understands that there is no innovation without failure. Yet even for leaders that give intellectual assent and lip service to this principle, there is often an integrity gap in the alignment of their words and their actions. Bad leaders never admit when they fail, and they make the same mistakes over and over again. Good leaders make failing a learning experience, and create the conditions where it is safe to make new and different mistakes. This healthy approach to handling failure is called forgive and remember. Forgive, so that people are willing to talk about and admit the errors that are inevitable in any human endeavour”

Leaders forgive, Managers remember.

Congratulations on your anniversary, Bret.