Cherry blossom


Oliver Burkeman is becoming a bit of a bard of the breakdown. His latest Guardian article on embracing failure “Happiness is a Glass Half Empty” featured an intriguing concept…

  • “There is a Japanese term, ‘mono no aware’, that translates roughly as ‘the pathos of things’: it captures a kind of bittersweet melancholy at life’s impermanence – that additional beauty imparted to cherry blossoms, say, or human features, as a result of their inevitably fleeting time on Earth.”

He echoes something my best man, Rev. Clifton Thuma, shared with me back at university. What makes giving a bouquet of cut flowers special is there impermanence. Yes, they are beautiful, but if they were not impermanent, after a few giftings, most people would have all the flowers they needed in life. They are given and treasured for the fleeting time they grace our spaces.