Gapingvoid - I cant take this


Happy Anniversary Gapingvoid. 13 years ago today, Hugh started sharing his artistic inspirations with the then emerging digital world. His posts have inspired and illustrated many of my pieces on this blog. Foremost certainly has to be the area on “dream bubbles.” His own New York City dream had to die for his London-Marfa-Miami dream to come alive…

  • “This serigraph is one of the first Jason and I did together, back in 2009…The original business-card cartoon dates back from early 2000, which was a VERY hard year for me. This is what I wrote about it at the time: ‘There are many advantages of getting older… more money and respect from the world at large being the main one. However, with all this newly found cash & kudos comes the idea that maybe the world isn’t such a nice place, after all. That maybe all that unhappiness you see on the faces of your fellow commuters is there for a reason. And no matter how much you try or how hard you work, none of that will ever change.’ Still, I suppose it’s better to know that said brutality exists, rather than burning all those calories pretending it doesn’t. I just wish I’d wised up a decade earlier than I did.”