Gapingvoid - Boring and Unsexy


The election season has officially kicked off on both sides of the Atlantic today. USA held its first primaries for the upcoming mid-terms, and the UK General Election is now at least exactly one year away and ticking. The time for two of the biggest democracies in the world to appoint their Leaders and Managers. No doubt many will capture the headlines and maybe even captivate the imagination with inspiring visions or just rousing slogans. But India Knight makes a stirring call for more boredom in politics in her article The right honourably dull MP gets my vote – if I wake up(paywalled)…

  • “It’s a fact that politics needs bores: steady, ploddy sorts who are faithful to the nth degree, can be relied on never to deviate from the party line and whose mastery of their brief is whole, absolute and delivered in a monotone that sounds like a buzzing fly. They’re comforting, those people. They’re the sturdy potatoes of the political world, because not everybody yearns for kohlrabi…The notion that everybody who does anything public has a duty to be wildly entertaining at all times is both tiring and unrealistic.”

Hugh has his own riff on the appeal of unsexy…

  • “It’s A LOT easier to stay focused on work, marriage and children when you are not looking for the daily adrenaline rush from the clubs, and bars, etc.  I’m not saying that you can’t have your fun, but sometimes there are good reasons to be boring and ‘unsexy’.”

Embrace the failure to excite and vote the boring party this year.