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“Learn to love the hard parts of being a parent, because they’re some of the best parts.” – Stephen Colbert

That’s Lesson 8 of “Stephen Colbert’s Guide To Being The Perfect Dad”…

  • “No one tells you anything about being a parent,” Colbert explained. ‘Here’s the thing, no matter what they tell you, they aren’t telling you anything, because you just can’t explain it, ya know? You just can’t explain what it’s like to be a parent until you are a parent. It’s like, poetry might get at it, but it’s such an experience, not an idea, that trying to explain it…There’s no explaining it. I didn’t know what to expect. But I think the most surprising thing is that, while it’s hard — it’s hard — but even the hard parts are just beautiful. Because they’re hard, sometimes.”

They don’t come much harder than Charleston Mayor Danny Jones’ predicament leading to him calling for the police arrest of his own son

  • “Zachary Jones, son of the mayor of Charleston, W.V., was arrested Thursday on a drug charge. His father said he was relieved and thinks jail will save his life. Police Chief Brent Webster [said] Webster said the mayor had spoken to him in the past about his son’s drug problem. ‘He’s told me, I don’t want to get a call at two in the morning that he’s been killed. I’d rather hear he’s in jail,’ the police chief said. The mayor said that in 2011, a friend bailed his son out of jail. He hopes that doesn’t happen this time. ‘I plead with those in the law-enforcement, judicial and jail and prison system to treat my son no better or worse than any other defendant," he said in his statement. "My son does not need anyone to save him from taking this life-saving fall. I think the only place that’s safe for him is jail, and I’m sorry to say it.’”

Sometimes the hardest parts is watching the failures your children face and endure especially when you see them coming right at them. But many times the best, ‘life saving’ parenting you can do is to let the failure happen.

Happy Fathers Day!