Cancer dress 1

Step aside flowers, exotic felines and rainbows. Cancerous cells are the latest inspiration on the catwalk. At least from the Jacqueline Firkins collection, “Fashioning Cancer: The Correlation between Destruction and Beauty”…

  • “A University of British Columbia costume design professor has created a collection of ball gowns inspired by photos of cancer cells with the goal of spurring discussion about “the disease, beauty, and body image” and creating alternative imagery for discussions of cancer that go beyond the pink ribbon, according to UBC. Left: Astrocytes cells from the brain ensure that neurons remain healthy. These cells are stained to show their filamentous ‘cytoskeleton’ which determines their shape as well as impacting their ability to move. In cancer cells, the more they move, the more aggressive the disease.”.

And if you want to shed a few pounds to fit into that perfect dress, June kicks of the Race for Life season (with the big Hyde Park run taking place today) to raise money to fight cancer so someday it will be relegated to the dress racks

Cancer dress