Failure poster - we your best isnt good enough


Pivoting” is an example of the “failing properly.” Failure is not the problem. Doing it properly is. A failure that drives a pivot to a new opportunity is one good way. Leadership guru John C. Maxwell offers a prescription and a proscription in his piece “Traits of Successful Failure”…

  1. Optimism. Find the benefit in every bad experience.
  2. Responsibility. Change your response to failure by accepting responsibility.
  3. Resilience. Say goodbye to yesterday.
  4. Initiative. Take action and face your fear.

And by contrast, the 5 traits of poor failing…

  1. Comparison. Either measuring your failures against those of others, or convincing yourself that your circumstances were harder than theirs.
  2. Rationalization. Telling yourself and others that you have good reasons for not getting over past hurts and mistakes. Believing that those who encourage you “just don’t understand.”
  3. Isolation. Pulling back and keeping yourself separate from others, either to avoid dealing with the issues, or to continue to feel sorry for yourself.
  4. Regret. Getting stuck lamenting or trying to fix things that cannot be changed.
  5. Bitterness. Feeling like a victim and blaming others for negative outcomes.