“You have to go with your reads. There’s no sense second-guessing yourself afterwards.” – Worst AKo Ever

In today’s World Series of Poker Final Table, 9 highly successful players are going to head home having failed to nab the big prize. I’ve selected a few choice words from the oracle of all-in, Aidan Lloyd on persevering through this final hurdle…

“Playing poker can be likened to being on a long bus ride. You want to stay on the bus, and go as far as you can. Sometimes, though, you’re forced off the bus, dropped off essentially in the middle of nowhere. How you deal with that situation has a lot to do with how successful a player you’re going to be. What do you need to do when you’re dropped off in the middle of nowhere? Hard as it might seem, you just need to walk. Use your own two legs and get moving. You won’t get there as fast as if you were still on the bus, but with persistence and luck, you’ll get there.” – The Middle of Nowhere