Blemish Effect


Some extensive travel in recent weeks has put a blemish on the regularity of my posts. But according to my friend and digital marketing maven Allister Frost, that’s not such a bad thing. His recent post “The Blemish Effect” explained how a blemish is better than perfection…

  • “In this situation, many people will opt for Book B with its 4.6 star rating, rather than Book A with its perfect 5 star score. Under logical scrutiny this may seem counterintuitive, but researchers refer to this phenomenon as the blemish effect, a nature human bias towards the most credible, authentic information sources. Book A loses out because its reviews are marginally less plausible than those given to Book B. We all know that nothing is perfect in this world, so the reviews for Book A may unwittingly raise alarm bells in our heads. “Surely not everyone can think that book is perfect,” we ask ourselves. Our thoughts may even turn to wondering whether the reviews have been placed there by friends of the author, or indeed by the author themselves.”