Haters gotta hate. And you can hate back. Or you can ignore them. Or you can embrace the hate. Like Honey Maid (above), who made no mistakes in spelling out their message of love for all their detractors, and Spirit Airlines (below), who gave out free frequent flyer miles to customers who raised complaints…

  • The makers of Honey Maid graham crackers have come up with a unique response to anti-gay backlash by some against its commercial featuring two gay dads and their family. They printed out the negative comments and turned them into a piece of art that spells out ‘Love.”
  • “Low-cost carrier Spirit Airlines, one of the most complained-about airlines in the industry, is trying to harness that hate (and generate publicity) with a campaign inviting travelers to vent about any airline, including Spirit, in up to 140 characters. ‘We want to change the way people think about air travel and educate them about the Spirit way of traveling," said Ben Baldanza, Spirit’s CEO, in a statement. ‘We’re going to Hug The Haters.’ Each “venter” who participates in Spirit’s Hate Thousand Miles Giveaway will receive 8,000 of the airline’s frequent-flier miles.”