• Humans tend to do better with acute than with chronic stressors, particularly when the former are followed by ample time for recovery, which allows the stressors to do their jobs as messengers…” – Nassim Taleb

Another one of Taleb’s insights into embracing failure which echoes a pundit from my professional life – Alan Hansen. This month marks the decennial for our Piero product which debuted on Match of the Day which continues to be one of its marquee shows.

Hansen is the pundit’s pundit and one of the earliest adopters of the Piero technology for analysis (example below). Always as adept in the analyst’s chair as he was on the pitch, he shared a similar appeal for “acute” failure a few weeks back on MOTD…

  • “If you are going to be right, be right. If you are going to be wrong, be dramatically wrong.  There’s no future in being marginally wrong.”