dinner fail


  • She who has broken many pots” – literal translation to African term for “good cook” (NPR)

Happy 9th Anniversary! Nine years of cooking up material on Embracing Failure as well as Leadership and Management. 1,029 posts. The traditional gift for the ninth is pottery so I am taking today’s inspiration from that topic looked at from a common source of inspiration for me, Seth Godin, and his post “Cracking the pottery”

  • “For every post that makes it to this blog, I write at least three, sometimes more. That means that on a regular basis, I delete some of my favorite (almost good) writing. It turns out that this is an incredibly useful exercise. I know that there’s going to be a post, every morning, right here. What I don’t know, what I’m never sure of, is which post. I find that it’s almost essential to fall in love with an idea to invest the time it takes to make it good and worth sharing. And then, the hard part: deleting that idea when it’s just not what it could be. Too often, organizations are good at the first part, but struggle with the second.”

Seth’s words reflect my own experience blogging. It echoes Clay Christiansen’s recommendation to “eat your own children”. In recent months, my frequency of posting has dipped a bit. I blame the “Delete” button with pride.