• Advent is all about looking from the deepest darkness towards the light.” – Richard Coles, Pause for Thought

As a card-carrying skeptic, I embrace doubt (failure of knowing) about things that many people take for granted or have strong convictions about. So why would I spring to the defence of a transparently mythological character? Nostalgia Critic explains it best…

  • “Why do we continue to lie about it? Recently it hit me why the illusion of Santa is not only a good thing, but also an important thing. Really think about all the surprises life has thrown at you. Just when you think you have it all figured out, you have all the answers, a bit of truth falls in your lap and changes everything. As many of us have noticed, change is hard and there has been far too many times we’ve come across a situation that’s fooled us. A person who did something we thought they could never do. Or a mindset that you’ve held for years now has to be totally different in light of some change in your environment. Everyone has to go through these tough times as some point in their life. Where some person’s perception of reality is suddenly destroyed and everything becomes uncertain. What else was I wrong about? What other surprises could be around the corner that make me look foolish? What should I now question and be afraid of? The ‘Santa Lie’, if you think about it, is our first way of dealing with that. It’s a way of saying, ‘Yes, this isn’t what you thought it was, but it’s alright. The world didn’t blow up. You still have so many things to be thankful for. And Christmas is still somehow just as wonderful as it was before. In fact, the discovery of the illusion and your chance to now partake in it might even make Christmas a little better for you. The Santa Lie is a way of adapting and accepting. A way to see that if something you thought was true was suddenly false, you can find out that not only can you choose not to be damaged by it, but you can actually grow stronger from it.”

May your holidays be filled with the cheer and generosity so magically personified by Santa. Ho, ho, ho!