Marlow Rowing Club Boxing Day Quads


A new year rolls in and once again time to recount my failures of the year. As it happens I did write down a list of about a half dozen things that I wanted to achieve in 2014. The grand total achieved…zero. The good news is that none of them are out of the running. They are all viable candidates for 2015. Have I made progress? Yes.

What do I learn looking back on these aspirations? 1. Some things take longer than you hope at first. 2. I did many things that I never anticipated last January which filled my year with unexpected new growth and experiences.

For example, this time last year. I was happily in my tenth year of coaching rowing for Sir William Borlase’s Grammar School, but an opportunity came up to help out with the new Pararowing programme at Marlow RC. Moving to MRC both introduced me to a whole new type of coaching (more individual with more advanced athletes rather than throng of very young novices) and also got me onto the water rowing myself more than I have been in years (going out in single scull sessions). In fact, I finished the year with one of the most prestigious losses of my sporting career. Our scratch quad lost to Sir Steve Redgrave’s in the final of the MRC Boxing Day Quad’s event. If you are going to lose a race, then lose it to a legendary Olympian.

In 2015, I will take a page from Katie Ledger post “New Year Resolutions (Aagh!)” for some resolutions that have some real potential for success…

  • 2. Embrace A Little Insecurity
  • 6. Embrace Procrastination–Because It Might Make You More Productive
  • 11. Don’t Listen To These Happiness Myths, And Know The Power Of Negative Thinking

Happy New Year!