Chris Hadfield


  • Do not visualize success, visualize failure. What’s the most probable thing that’s going to fail? We trained for thousands of things that never happened. When things really do fail though, you’ve got a whole armada of possibilities” – Chris Hadfield

Failure is not an option.” How many times has that line from the Apollo 13 movie been trotted out by mini-dictators who think all they have to do it to will something for that outcome to be realised in the maelstrom of real life.

Admittedly, saving the lives of three brave men who the eyes of the entire world are upon is not the time for embracing failure. But in general, even the space programme embraces failure as noted in the article about a more recent catastrophe with Space X – “SpaceX Has Opportunity in Rocket Test That Ended in Detonation

  • “Although a SpaceX prototype reusable rocket exploded in dramatic fashion Friday during a test flight in Texas, the test wasn’t the failure that it might appear — and data gained from the flight may be nearly as valuable as if it had gone off without a hitch, an expert told NBC news. ‘The only ‘failed’ test is one in which you don’t get the information you were seeking,’ said aerospace engineer Rand Simberg, author of ‘Safe Is Not an Option,’”

The Columbia disaster twelve years ago today reminded us that was made these missions heroic was not best laid plans