• Justin, as a father of six you have to straighten up, son. Last year, you were ranked the fifth most hated person of all time. Kim Jong-Un didn’t rank that low. And he uses your music to torture people.” – Shaq

Sunday roast for you. Roasts have a long tradition of embracing failure with wit and repartee. Comedy Central has made them a feature presentation in recent years with the latest show being last month’s Justin Beiber skewering. Probably the highest profile one of all is the Washington Correspondents Dinner (also just a few weeks ago) where the “most powerful man in the world” is the subject of ridicule and jabs.

Curiously, despite the barrage of jokes and the roastee’s expense, usually the biggest beneficiary of the whole escapade is the person on the hot seat. Taking the ridicule and abuse with poise and humility inspires respect and empathy for even some of the least loved individuals.

  • I am determined to make the most of every moment I have left. After the midterm elections, my advisers asked me ‘Mr. President, do you have a bucket list?’ I said, ‘Well, I have something rhymes with bucket list.’ Take executive action on immigration? Bucket. New climate regulations? Bucket.” – President Obama