Government failure


And the award for “Best Failure” goes to…

While the USA bemoans that it fails to be the “best”, the UK government is actually embracing the “best” of their failures. The Independent article “Failure – a target that Whitehall can actually hit” describes their failure

  • The Cabinet Office minister in charge of carrying out Whitehall efficiency savings [Francis Maude] will say that accepting failure is the best way to encourage innovation and cut bureaucracy. Tech start-ups in California thrive on a "fail fast" motto that helps them learn quickly from their mistakes and go on to achieve success, the minister says. The ‘fail fast’ culture is said to free companies and individuals from caution and fear of things going wrong, and instead fosters creativity and innovation. Mr Maude has even sponsored a civil service award for "best failure", which will be given to the best team in the public sector that developed a project that failed before going on to transform it into a success.”