Gapingvoid - fail early


An entire evening of celebrating – failure…

  • The latest issue of the Stanford Social Innovation Review reports on a recent trend of TED Talk- and Ignite-style events in which entrepreneurs share their shortcomings and failures. The events—I’ll call them “Foulup Nights” here, but the real name is saltier—launched in Mexico City in 2012 and have since taken place in more than 100 cities, according to the founders. The events are “a chance to reflect on bad decisions, missed opportunities, episodes of poor execution, and pivots that never paid off,” Greg Beato writes. “Unlike TED, a conference series that focuses on ‘ideas worth spreading,’ [Foulup] Nights showcases ideas worth shedding.”

Mark Athitakis reflects on the lessons of the many stories shared at Foulup Nights in his piece “The Value of Sharing Mistakes”…

  • Make it collective. In a tough situation, there’s safety in numbers..
  • Make it upbeat. As Katie Bascuas recently reported, there’s research to support the idea that failures are motivational.
  • No humblebragging. If you want your story to be taken seriously, be sincere about what the mistake actually was.