Seth Godin books


Happy Birthday Seth.

Today Seth shares his birthday with the world in a most generous fashion. He is crusading for “giving away” one’s birthday. Rather than seek out the tradition gifts, he wants people to think of it as an occasion to give, but not to the birthday boy or girl, but to a cause more needy. In his case, he is promoting the worthy “Charity: Water” which provides drinkable water to people without it around the world.

Another aspect of Seth’s generosity is his generous intellect. It is why he is listed in my “Thought Leader Roll” (see bottom right side). Especially his embrace of failure and doubt which is central to my explorations here. He is for me what he himself describes as a “Generous Sceptic”. A person who is willing to spend the time to think deeply about what’s ahead for you and what’s going to be difficult.”

He lists 3 ways to respond to a Generous Sceptic…

  1. Listen to them and give up.
  2. Fight back against them (confusing them with the ungenerous skeptic)
  3. Completely understand their point of view. ‘To act as if you agree with their skepticism and explore it all the way to the bottom.’

I haven’t always agreed with Seth, but have always tried to follow #3. And I have always admired his generosity.