Tether - Isley Lynn


  • MARK – I gave up everything for you.
  • BECKY – Don’t bullshit me Mark, you don’t do a damn thing for anyone else. Ever. You’d leave me in a heartbeat if you could but you’re not good enough. You only run with me because it means you can finally feel good about yourself again.

Like father, like daughter.  Our daughter, Isley, makes her latest stage triumph at the Edinburgh Fringe with a play all about triumph…and not just its failure, but embracing that failure.  Isley’s play “Tether” wins the dramatic arts triathlon being insightful, funny and uplifting all at the same time.  It is a mind, smile and heart provoking two-hander of two athletes with antithetically different approaches to dreams.  And yet, they both face the same wrenching challenges when those dreams die.

The character Mark is literally tethered to his dream (one of the most simply clever pieces of stage mechanics I have seen for a while).  As his brutally frank running partner elucidates…

  • "You know what I feel sorry for you. Because your whole life everyone told you were so wonderful and everything went so well for you and you struggled and sweated and gave 110 percent and you still weren’t good enough.”

Only through his relationship with blind runner Becky is he able to unshackle himself from his dream’s toxicity and forge new, healthier dreams.  Conversely,  Becky is someone without dreams.  Her disillusionment from childhood tragedy has numbed her more than just the loss of her eyesight.  The impairment of her “vision” was more than just about her eyesight.  In one of the most poignant scenes you will see on stage, Mark opens her eyes to the bigger world and the dreams that are possible within it.

Tether is playing at the Underbelly, Cowgate through 30 August.