Bruce Lynn - Failure service NSUU
[“Embracing Failure” service at Northshore Unitarian Universalist Church 27 October 2002]

  • My philosophy is that it doesn’t pay to go to a conference unless you’re prepared to be vulnerable and meet people, and it doesn’t pay to go to a Q&A session unless you’re willing to sit in the front row. Reading blogs is great, writing one is even better.” – Seth Godin

Ten years ago this weekend I started blogging. At Microsoft, I had just hired a dynamic new marketer, Allister Frost, who was (and still is) years ahead of his time. He identified this new thing of ‘blogging’ as a great way to circumvent the onerous delays and rigid constraints on posting material to the corporate website and instead have a direct conversational connection with customers. It sounded intriguing and with my background in writing (eg. founder and editor of the school page in the local paper, year working as travel writer in Togo, West Africa), he was pushing on an open door for me to give it a go.

I first tried a few experimental posts on the hot (well, in technical circles) topic of “Interoperability”, but I soon twigged that to have an authentic voice I needed to choose a subject I had more personal conviction and curiosity about. I chose to write about “risk”. In particular, two dimensions – 1. “Leadership and Management” (leaders optimise upside opportunity, manager minimise downside risk), and 2. Embracing Failure (a quite popular topic these days, but much less so when I first delved into it). A few years later I added another blog on “Dynamic Work” (flexible work concepts) which was becoming an area of expertise for me and an area I did consulting in when I left Microsoft in 2009.

It was also in that year that I launched what was to be my biggest blog – Maldives Complete. It became so packed with great material that one of the most frequently asked questions I received was, “Why do I do it?” And of course, I answered the question with the blog. In fact, a series of blog posts which highlight a number of the motivations and benefits I get from the curious pastime.

One thing is for sure…there is no shortage of material on Leadership/Management and Embracing Failure. I have posted the equivalent of over 1000 pages (typed pages not web pages) so far. But I am always clipping and collecting material not to mention the countless pieces and bits I get sent by many friends and readers. As it happens, I have another 200+ pages of notes and drafts filed away for future posts at the apropos time.

So stay tuned for another ten years and more…