Jeremy Vine Strictly

Goodbye Jeremy. Jeremy Vine was one of the celebrities on Strictly Come Dancing that Lori and I both rooted for and enjoyed watching. We weren’t impressed with his dancing (and it probably was time for him to go), but that didn’t detract from his gusto and personality that lit up the TV screen (perhaps surprisingly for a radio DJ). India Knight’s described it eloquently in her Sunday Times piece “Dogged Vine looks a right cha-cha-charlie but he’s danced into my heart

  • “Every week, Vine tries with all his might to master a dance, only to fail…It’s not a thing you see often in life. People don’t like being told they’re rubbish. It usually makes them cross, or defensive, or keen to blame someone else. Vine doesn’t do this. He heaps praise on his dancing partner, Karen Clifton, and graciously takes all the blame himself…His performance has (twice) made me well up slightly….And then he tried again. And fail…Vine won’t win Strictly, or come anywhere near winning. But when he leaves the show, he will do so with the goodwill of millions of strangers.”

Bravo, Jeremy.