Many adaptive sports apply technology to allow disabled athletes to enjoy a range of sports. But “embracing para”, means that an able-bodied might just want try a hand at the adaptive sports.

The advert from Guinness above doesn’t play on the heartstrings of friendship with a contrived scenario, but actually reflects a sport where able and disabled play together – wheelchair basketball. One of the para-rowers I coach also plays wheelchair basketball and tells me a number of able bodied players join in. He’s invited me to come a give it a try.

Not only is the sport itself intriguing to a basketball player like myself (playing since I was 11 years old and now one of the most veteran active players in the UK’s Wessex League). At my age, I am increasing fighting the inexorable wear and tear on the body. If I get to the point where my mid-aged legs can’t support the stresses of running up and down court and battling big men underneath the hoop, wheelchair basketball could be a fun next chapter to my hoops career.