New Year Barbe Papa
[celebrating New Years 2016 in south of France with friends and Papa’s pink beard]

Well 2015 was a complete and utter failure. But I must say, it was probably the best year of my life.

I wrote down my life of personal and professional aspirations last January…

  1. Sell our house
  2. Achieve some fitness benchmarks (eg. the elusive 300 lb. benchpress)
  3. Grow my Red Bee business to a certain target
  4. Get funding for my new venture
  5. Hit some milestone numbers for the reach of this blog and my Maldives website

How did I do?…

  1. Nope
  2. Nope
  3. Left Red Bee entirely
  4. Nope
  5. Not quite

So why was it such an amazing year? Because the best bits I couldn’t have planned for.

  1. House – Stronger interest coming in confirming a good idea to wait it out for a good buyer and stronger market and stronger price.
  2. Fitness – I might have missed the weight lifting (measurable) benchmarks, but my rowing and basketball is stronger than it has been in years, and ballroom dancing has progressed hugely this year. And I’ve added a new fitness regime of regular yoga with Lori.
  3. Business – Instead of stay in situ and growing the business, I took advantage of a very attractive offer to hand-over the business.
  4. Venture – The new prospects are more attractive than the initial ones have ever been.
  5. Digital – The Maldives site has been transformed with the addition of the Dive Site Database, the “Beauty Base”, posts up to a regular daily frequency as well as the long overdue migration onto state-of-the art blogging and interactive platforms.

In short, the best stuff was not goaled, not planned for, barely even envisioned. And the gold-dust lessons from these New Years Failures?

  • Be Patient – That’s led to better than anticipated prospects for house, finances and career.
  • Savour Serendipity – Too many people ignore or shun unexpected opportunities because they are not “part of the plan”. Look at every opportunity at face value regardless of the “plan”.

May your failures in 2016 turn out to be even better than some of your successes.