Dilbert - positive attitude

I’m not the only one not making New Year’s Resolutions. For starters, Scott Adams’ book on embracing failure “How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big” includes the biting aphorism “Goals are for losers” (though one could argue that people can make resolutions to change the habits, practices and ‘systems’ in their lives without the noxious goal-setting).

FastCompany’s resolution list last year went a step further with its resolution rejectionism…

11. Don’t Listen To These Happiness Myths, And Know The Power Of Negative Thinking. This might be the only New Year’s resolution list that will tell you to not “maintain a positive mindset.” In fact, we say just the opposite: it’s beneficial to feel your emotions (all of them) and more productive to “focus on behavior, not internal states.”

They linked to the piece “5 Big Happiness Myths Debunked” by Oliver Burkeman whose embrace of “negative thinking” I’ve featured a few times here.

May your all your failures bring positive consolations in 2016.