Valentines break up hearts


Break-up Day today. If the relationship is on the rocks, then statistically, today (Valentines Eve) is the day to abandon ship. At the time, a big separation might seem the worst thing in your life, but several analysts have identified the silver lining to these traumatic events…

  • Decisive Resolution – “The worst way to end anything – a war, a conflict, a relationship – is slowly and painfully. The costs of such an ending run deep: loss of self-confidence, unconscious avoidance of conflict the next time around, the bitterness and animosity left breeding…Never let pride or concern for your reputation pull you farther into the morass; both side ill suffer far greater blows by your persistence. Short-term defeat is better than long term disaster. Wisdom is knowing when to end.” – 33 Strategies of War chapter on ‘End Game.
  • Fresh StartGet out, get drunk, snog around.  Rinse.  Repeat…My first epiphany…was that I love break-up songs.  Their soaring misery offers a truth about sadness that depressed people rarely confess:  in it a kind of bliss.  An agonizing pleasure, like running in cold rain…Because there is triumph in despair.  And the best thing about break-ups is starting again.” “It’s great being dumped.  Follow my guide and you’ll have the time of your life.” (paywallled) by Katie Glass
  • Ultimate SuccessIn “Being Dumped is Good for You!”, Jane Shilling introduces the concept of “optimal stopping theory” which “has the power to tell you exactly how many people to reject to give you the best possible chance of finding your perfect partner.”