Why Most Things Fail - Paul Omerod

Gales of creative destruction” – Schumpeter

World Book Day today. And I have no shortage of books on failure. They are a regular gift item and recommendation from friends and fans of this blog. One I enjoyed that I recently finished is Paul Ormond’s “Why Most Things Fail”. It’s less about the dynamics or process of embracing failure and more about the imperative of embracing failure. Here are a few of my favourite excerpts…

  • “Failure is all around us. Failure is pervasive. Failure is everywhere, across time, across place and across different aspects of life. 99.99% of all biological species which have ever existed are now extinct…More than 10% of all companies in America disappear each year…From biological species to companies to government policies, there appears to be an Iron Law of Failure which is extremely difficult to break.”