Lammily doll

The ‘imperfect’ nature of it isn’t an issue. I feel it makes the doll more relatable.” – Nickolay Lamm

Barbie Day today (curiously the day after International Womens Day). But even Mattel is making strides in a more sympathetic treatment of its franchise product. They recently introduced a new line of Barbie dolls with a range of skin tones and body types to more accurately represent the diversity and reality of women’s physiques.

And if those options still don’t depict the many flaws which make us human and distinctive, then designer Nickolay Lamm has created “Lammily” which not only is cast in an “average” female body type, but also comes with stickers to make them more “life”-like…

  • “The stickers, which include tattoos, cellulite, and stretch marks, can be placed anywhere on the doll’s body. Lamm hopes they show that a variety of body types are natural and beautiful. Since playing in the dirt, getting bruises, or developing stretch marks during puberty or growth spurts are normal parts of many girls’ lives, Lamm wanted to make dolls that would represent those experiences. The other options for stickers are freckles, glasses, blushing, adhesive bandages, moles, temporary tattoos, stitches, scrapes & scratches, bruises, casts, scars, mosquito bites, and grass and dirt stains.”

And if you want to make your Barbie a bit more realistic, Lamm sell the stickers separately on his website.

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