Can you make it rain harder?” – Prince

Everyone is sharing their Prince stories this week with his tragic loss. Lori and I once passed Prince in the streets of Boston one evening. Just ambled past by himself. We were a bit shocked that he was strolling the streets of Back Bay, but he had a series of concerts that week and must have been out getting some fresh air. He is obviously someone who remained humble (the essential personal quality of embracing failure) despite his stratospheric fame and achievement.

He also was someone who was happy outside…no matter what the conditions. As his legendary performance at the Super Bowl XLI Halftime Show dramatically showed. Super Bowl Production Designed Bruce Rogers recounts about his performance…

  • It felt surprising.  It felt spontaneous.  Whatever script you might have had in your head for ‘ok, here’s what he’s going to do’ [in response to the rain], he didn’t do that.  Musically, it felt very loose.  He played big epic Prince-style guitar solos.  Turning the bad weather to his dramatic advantage.  It was almost like a special effect.  He could totally lean into that and make it seem ‘Sure it’s raining.  I would have wanted it to rain.  I ordered that.”