Gapingvoid - building dreams


  • Trust me, I love my job, but there is a dark side. Dreaming is easy. Too easy. The hard part is making dreams come true. And that’s not a dream. That’s a lot of grinding away in the salt mines.” – Hugh

Today is Gapingvoid’s 14th Birthday. Gapingvoid was the first blog whose RSS feed I ever subscribed to. It was one of the inspirations to the start of my own blogging. Over the years, Hugh and I have become good friends though our interaction has reduced with his departure from London. Still, his daily email keeps me inspired.

This one above captures the duality of dreams that I explore in my Dream Bubble posts. Dreams are powerful forces. In the right hands, they can propel one forward. But they can just as easily be abused and mishandled grinding one down.

This blog is about balance across duality. Leadership and Management. Success through Failure. Advantage through Adversity. Yin and Yang. Hugh always has plenty of insight into getting that balance right.

Happy Birthday Gapingvoid.