Falling into place


Asalha Puja today is a Theravada Buddhist festival also known as Dharma Day, is one of its most important festivals, celebrating the Buddha’s first sermon which is laid out “the central doctrine of the four noble truths” which very much embraced failure. (thanks Cori)

  • “The central importance of dukkha in Buddhist philosophy is not intended to present a pessimistic view of life, but rather to present a realistic practical assessment of the human condition—that all beings must experience suffering and pain at some point in their lives, including the inevitable sufferings of illness, aging, and death. Contemporary Buddhist teachers and translators emphasize that while the central message of Buddhism is optimistic, the Buddhist view of our situation in life (the conditions that we live in) is neither pessimistic nor optimistic, but realistic.”

May all your failures take you a step closer to enlightenment.