Happy Birthday Google. Seventeen years ago Google started transforming our personal and professional lives with not just their search technology, but a whole alphabet soup of innovations. Start-ups no longer want to be the “next Microsoft”, they now want to be the “next Google.” This TED talk by Astro Teller provides an intriguing peak into this post-millennial success story especially for the powerful role that failure plays in its culture.

  • “I have a secret for you.  The ‘moon shot factory’ is a messy place.  But rather than avoid the mess – pretend it’s not there – we tried to make that our strength.  We spend most of our time breaking things.  Trying to prove that we are wrong…Get excited and cheer ‘Hey, how are we going to kill our project today?’
  • Enthusiastic skepticism is not the enemy of boundless optimism.  It’s optimism’s perfect partner it unlocks the potential in every idea.”

It’s a sentiment echoed in Hugh’s “Herding Cats” post

  • “’Herding cats’ is a nice colloquialism, it certainly describes most businesses I know. Life is messy. The thing is, it’s supposed to be messy. Can you imagine if it weren’t? How utterly dull that would be! The next time you’re having “one of those days” at the office, tell yourself, ‘This is how it’s supposed to be’. Knowing that this is normal, that this is what you chose, makes it manageable.”

Gapingvoid - herding cats

(thanks Mom)