The Grand Tour is one of the most anticipated “television” events of the year…and it’s all based on failure. Not just Jeremy Clarkson’s Top Gear set fisticuffs (and litany of other HR infractions and PR gaffes). Top Gear itself seemed to percolate on a frisson of failure with every episode. What mad cap stunt will the trio pull this week?

In fact, an editorial glimpse behind the scenes of the old Top Gear by former Top Gear script editor Richard Porter, “There’s been an accident: we’ve struck TV gold”, recounted just how much failure was woven into Top Gear’s very existence…

  • “We were surprised that people were watching our poky little car show. We were surprised that three men bickering, blustering and falling over also had the sort of genuine and watchable chemistry you simply couldn’t synthesize. We were surprised when things worked out, when they didn’t and then surprised when actually our biggest failures were also our most beloved successes. We were often as you might have gathers, a shambles.”
  • “You could tell as much from the working conditions of under which the Top Gear was made…Our production office at the studio was even worse, being bleak and cold and of such rank odour that once, when an owl got into the building, flapped around a bit and died, we only noticed the corpse because it made the place smell nicer.”
  • “We were, after all, the show that began life by making a pilot episode so bad the BBC, showing a weary tolerance that would become the hallmark of its dealings with Top Gear. Which we did, only to turn in something that managed to be even more terrible.”

The Telegraph’s own report on the show wouldn’t be complete without the list of “Jeremy Clarkson Gaffes

Clarkson doesn’t just embrace failure in his show production, but also in the very works of engineering that he adores…

  • The Ferrari 458 Italia? The dashboard is unintelligible. The BMW M3? If you put the steering in Sport Plus mode you will crash…The Jaguar F-type’s ride is silly and the car’s too expensive…The Volkswagen Golf R is a bit boring. And so on and so on. All of the world’s great cars have something wrong with them…It’s part of what makes us love them.” – Jeremy Clarkson

That’s not gone welland on that bombshell.”