John Grady - the moth

International Day of Persons with Disabilities today. Disability is one of those adversities that so many people have turned to advantage. Former Blue Man Group member John Grady tells the delightful story

of a one-armed girl who was chosen from the audience at random to participate in their act. An act which, in many parts, required two hands. Or so it seemed.

  • “And we dig in and it’s all good. I’m feeding her. She’s feeding me. We’re all cross feeding each other. It’s a big flirt fest. And the piece just crescendos and explodes I this huge celebration and the audience bursts into this enormous applause. For her, really, because she was beautiful, she was amazing and she was the catalyst for this whole thing to happen. And she brought that element back that I had completely forgotten about. She brought this innocence, this child-like innocence. That ability to remain present and be honest and fearless and not try to manufacture anything.”

In Grady’s case, the lady’s disability not only provided a complete refreshing twist on their increasingly routine routine, but also shook him from his doldrums and inspired a new energy to his work. Today we applaud all of the energising perspective and adaptation that persons with disabilities spark in all our lives. (thanks Isley)