For the Christmas season, I’ve fashioned a playlist of all of my yuletide favourites. I’ve taken our stack of Christmas CDs given and received over the years and plucked the most endearing or nostalgic. I really am quite selective (especially since the playlist plays over and over again in the house this time of year) and so there are only two albums where I have included every single song – (1) Lori’s “Merry Christmas Y’All”, and (2) the soundtrack of the Charlie Brown Christmas Special collection of Vince Guaraldi jazz pieces.

Nostalgia Critic (who also did the insightful defence of the “Lie of Santa”) provides a thoughtful examination of why this quirky little is one of the greatest Christmas classics…

  • It’s letting you appreciate how much you can get with so little. In the same way that Charlie Brown found a lot of worth in a seemingly simple tree, the same way we find a lot of worth in a seemingly simple special. It’s perfection is in its imperfection.”

Merry Christmas to all ad may all your failures be embraceable!