Dont Panic Button

There’s seems to be a “day” for everything. One of the more colourfully contrived is today’s “International Panic Day”. With the advent of Brexit and the Trump candidacy, it probably couldn’t come at a better time. Kathryn Flett provides a refreshing perspective on “feeling panicky” on a daily basis in her Sunday Times piece (paywalled) “Restless? Edgy? Tired? Then rejoice, for you are alive”…

  • “I read a report in Grazia magazine on ‘generalised anxiety disorder’, or GAD, something to which young professional women are apparently prone. It is, we are told, the latest thing for those with nothing more pressing to worry about to worry about. GAD-triggers apparently include ‘anything that puts us under significant pressure’ and the condition is characterised by ‘feeling panicky, struggling to sleep and having a racing mind’. A diagnosis of GAD can be made confidently when one has had at least three of the following symptoms for longer than six months: restlessness or feeling on edge; problems concentrating; muscle tension; sleep disturbance; feeling tired; or irritability. From my perspective, as a middle-aged professional woman, this sounds suspiciously like ‘being alive syndrome’.”